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Refunds: Your delivery fee is non refundable. If you need to cancel an order you may cancel before your order completes on our website.  

Original Condition: Your order will be delivered to you arrive in it's original packaging from the restaurant you select. Your order will never be opened by our driver. For food quality issues you will need to contact the restaurant your food selection was made with and follow their return/ correction policies.

Driver Wait Time: Our driver will call you upon delivery. The driver will give you 5 minutes to answer or call back.


Urban Food Delivery services St. Petersburg, FL between 1st St-49th Street S/N and 22nd Ave N- 69th Ave. S. We are competitively priced at a flat rate of $5.00 for each delivery of (5) meals or less. A $1.00 additional charge per meal (or what would be reasonably understood as a separate food order for another person. Example: You want to order 5 meals from a restaurant and an additional 6 burgers from the same location= 11 meals total. Additionally, the $5.00 delivery fee covers a single food delivery from one restaurant. Example: If your order requires the driver to go to more than (1) food pickup location you will have to pay (1) delivery fee per food pickup location.  When you checkout in the cart you will want to place a separate order for each pickup location OR be subject to the appropriate delivery fee by the driver. We are here to help you enjoy your food from your favorite eatery- don't hesitate to call us at (727) 771-5311.